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If this isn't ok to post, please let me know

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Hello! This is my very first post here.
Behind the cut is detales of a facebook project I started at the start of this month (Mister Mann's Birthday). It currently regars Terrence Mann and I'm on a `finding members` drive for the group. I'd be very greatful if you could maybe give it a little look and perhaps join. It would be a great help to get some creative and interactive members, especially for the next project!

I've recently started an online project that is based on facebook (but have an lj blog to go with it and have more space for me to blather on, which as you can see, I like to do!). The whole over all premise of the project if seeing how many members I can get to join and participate and hopefully lead up to doing something quite big and quite, quite crazy.

The first project I'm doing is small; every day I have to, with out fail, up date my facebook status with something about Terrence Mann (more info on the group page:, and this is the blog; )
I need more people to join the group and so I'm pimping my poor sorry self out asking for help here!
I think it would be cool to have some Mister Mann fans join as I'm going to start a Chuck Norris Esq. `fact` file about Mister Mann and it would be cracky and amazing if some people who actually know things about him joined in and could then give fun and imaginative prompts for the next project (which is to do with taking photos).

Oh, also, yes, I call Terrence Mann Mister Mann, because it's too much like the children's books I used to read called Mister Men (so it amuses me in a way I know it shouldn't!)

And before anyone mentions, I don't know very much about Mister Mann, only what I've read in comms and on his imdb page, I kind of wanted to do a subject that I knew about but don't know a lot about (like I could have done David Bowie and have had a really easy time). I'm hoping maybe here and there I'll find some interesting things out during the course of this month's project.

Thank you for reading and for your time! If you do join the group you need not feel like you should add me as a friend, all the updates go on both the group and thr lj daily.

Alos, please let me know if this isn't ok to post and I'll delete the entry! <3

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Thanks! =D
I'm actually finding it a little hard to think of things most days as I don't want to be just "Terrence Mann was blahblah in such and such a film" everyday as that's not very imaginative (and a little boring).
It's causeed me to have some very odd throught processes lately!
I'm looking forward to my photography project though, but it wont work without people participating.