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theatre zine

Hey guys, I'm posting this in a bunch of different places, so I'm sorry if you see it more than once. I hope it's ok that I post it here....I wouldn't have posted if I didn't think it was at least semi related to this forum.

I'm considering doing a theatre zine. By theatre, I mean live theatre. I just thought I'd say that outright because I posted this on a message board and there was some confusion as to whether I meant "movie theaters" or "live theatre". If you don't know what a zine is, a zine is a independently published newsletter/magazine sort of thing. It's usually low budget and inexpensive to purchase a copy. They can be about anything and everything.

But anyway, I have yet to hear of anything like this, and I just wanted to post because:
1. It's entirely possible a zine like this exists, and I just haven't heard of it, so if you do one or know of someone who does, please contact me!
2. I'm thinking about putting one together myself. I was planning on focusing on theatre in general, and while there would probably be articles about specific plays, musicals, operas, and individual people, the entire zine wouldn't be specific to any show or person. So to this end, would anyone reading this be interested in reading the finished product? Keep in mind, a copy would probably cost money, but only about a dollar or two. If you're interested, what sorts of things would you be interested in seeing in the zine? Would you be able and willing to contribute something? If you contribute, I'd be more than happy to give you full credit and give you a free copy of the finished product.

This is only in the beginning stages and probably won't happen for a while, but I was just looking for input. If you have any ideas, please E mail me (please don't post a comment on LJ - I may not see it!). My E mail is Veilly at

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